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A lot of problems with double glazing locks in Steeple Bumpstead can be repaired without the need for an expensive replacement! At Cerberus Security we are experts in fixing both double glazing and composite multi-point locking systems. We can either repair or replace all models, types and brands of double glazing lock around Steeple Bumpstead!

It can be difficult to find the correct double glazing lock replacement if it cannot be fixed, but we have all the required expertise to make sure you get the correct lock that suits your Steeple Bumpstead doors or windows.

Common Steeple Bumpstead CB9 double glazing Lock Problems

The most common problems we encounter in homes around Steeple Bumpstead are stuck locks, or the door or window lock is damaged or broken. No matter how big or small the lock problem is though, we can help.

We also carry supplies of spare double glazing locks to all Steeple Bumpstead double glazing Locksmith callouts, so that we can fully replace a double glazing door or window lock, should any problems arise.

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Common double glazing lock faults around Steeple Bumpstead CB9

Here at Cerberus Security, we can often diagnose the majority of double glazing lock problems in Steeple Bumpstead over the phone. You may be experiencing one of the following:

Security Upgrades for your Steeple Bumpstead double glazing Doors

Even the most secure multi-point lock on a double glazing door in Steeple Bumpstead, CB9 can be assisted with some extra security measures from our double glazing Locksmith:

Double Glazing Locksmith in Steeple Bumpstead

Nothing Protects you more than a Cerberus Security secured door.

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Multi-Point Mechanisms for double glazing Locks in Steeple Bumpstead CB9

double glazing Multi Point Lock Repairs Steeple Bumpstead

Multipoint locks are available in a variety of designs for Steeple Bumpstead properties, but generally include a centrally located deadbolt and a live bolt (latch), at least two hook bolts and possibly a pair of compression bolts.

The bolts are normally operated by lifting the door handle from either side of the door leaf and are locked in place by the turn of a key from either face of the door or, if the door is the only means of escape, by an internal thumbturn. The compression bolts, if fitted, and or the hook bolts pull the door tightly into the weather seals in the frame to keep it weather tight.  Some versions have additional bolting into the top and bottom frames and even into the hinge side of the frame.  There are others that automatically engage all the bolts as the door closes, but these tend to be a lot more expensive.

Most enhanced secure doorsets available in Steeple Bumpstead are fitted with multi-point locks, but there are still lots of enhanced secure timber and composite doors that still use the rim nightlatch and BS 3621 mortice lock combination. There is a standard for testing and certifying multi-point locks: PAS 3621:2011 Multipoint locking assemblies. Keyed egress. Performance requirements and test methods. In the same vein as mortice locks and rim nightlatches they will be available with keyless egress (PAS 8621) and dual mode (PAS 10621).

Steeple Bumpstead double glazing Locks - The difference between solid & split spindle operation

For a long time there has been a debate about whether these multi-point locks should have a solid or split spindle operation on the outside handle. The police initiative for new homes in Steeple Bumpstead and the UK, Secured by Design, doesn’t recommend a particular type, but there are advantages and disadvantages with both.

  • Split Spindles
    If your multi-point locking door in Steeple Bumpstead has a split spindle it means that when you go outside and close the door you will need a key to get back in. This is because if you push down the outside handle it will not operate the latch bolt in the door. It is in fact the key that turns the latch bolt. Conversely the handle on the inside of the door will operate the latch bolt.
  • Solid Spindles
    If your Steeple Bumpstead double glazing door has a solid spindle it means that when you go outside and close the door you don't need a key to get back in. This is because pushing down the outside handle will operate the latch bolt in the door. The inside handle will also operate the latch bolt. If you live in a block of flats you are likely to have this type of spindle so you don’t accidentally lock yourself out.

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