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Cambridgeshire Door Lock RepairsWhether your property entrance has recently suffered an attempted burglary or break-in, or your doors and frames need reinforcing to ensure the safety of the people and belongings behind them, you need a quick, efficient solution.

Even if it’s not an emergency, we guarantee effective, reliable door and frame repairs and reinforcing, either temporary following a burglary or to provide a longer-term solution.

We replace 'handles, hinges, and all architectural ironmongery as well as lock mechanisms and cylinders.

We also offer preventative security solutions to increase your door’s fire and smoke rating and protect door users from injury.

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Door Locksmith Services in Cambridgeshire

  • Emergency lock outs
  • Opening jammed doors
  • Repair / Replacement multi point locking systems
  • Replacement lock cylinders
  • Doors re-aligned / Adjusted
  • Replacement handles and letterboxes
  • Opening and repair of jammed windows
  • Additional security fitted to doors and windows
  • Keys cut on site

Example of TS007 High Security Cylinder

The Ultion and ABS TS007 3* cylinders are the perfect examples of a high security cylinder that tick all the boxes. They are more expensive than their competition and additional keys are also a little pricey.

Breakdown Of Cylinder Features

There are varying levels of security to suit every pocket. We will provide you with a range of options so you will have control of both the level of security and the cost. Anti snap is, in our opinion, by far the most important feature!

Anti Snap Cylinders

So How do Anti-Snap Door Cylinders Work?

A typical cylinder lock can easily be broken if its body extends further than 5 mm beyond the leaf of your door. The benefit of installing an anti-snap door cylinder is that it actually provides a “false front” to your lock, which may be broken off during a break in attempt but leaves the main security mechanism intact – so that it can continue to do its job and keep your property secure.

How Can I Benefit From an Anti-Snap Door Cylinder?

This particular type of hardware is designed to be damaged, providing a kind of “sacrificial” extension to your lock that can be snapped off to prevent unwanted entry and creating a barrier that keeps the door firmly secured – though this does not mean that you’re trapped in your home or that the mechanism is rendered useless until you replace it; you are still absolutely able to lock and unlock your door as usual until the time comes that you are able to replace your anti-snap cylinder.

There are many brands of anti snap cylinders available!

Some anti snap locks are better than others but every anti snap poses a significant problem to want to be thieves. If there is one single recommendation regarding cylinders, it is beyond a shadow of a doubt anti snap! Do NOT take the risk, buy an anti snap TODAY!

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uPVC Door Enhancements

Here at Cerberus Security, we have a wide range of options to make your property's doors more secure:

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